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Scott, in The Abbot , has taken for his subject the flight of Mary to England. Mary Tudor. Victor Hugo has a tragedy so called , and Tennyson, in , issued a play entitled Queen Mary , an epitome of the reign of the Tudor Mary. Mary and Byron. Both were under the guardianship of Mr. Mary Morison , a youthful effusion, was written to the object of a prior passion.

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The lines in the latter. Mary Queen of Scots was confined first at Carlisle; she was removed in to Bolton; in she was confined at Tutbury, Wingfield, Tutbury, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and Coventry; in she was removed to Tutbury, Chatsworth, and Sheffield; in to Chatsworth; in to Sheffield; in to Wingfield; in to Tutbury, Chartley, Tixhall, and Chartley; in September 25 to Fotheringay. Scott, in his novel entitled The Abbot. Schiller has taken Mary Stuart for the subject of his best tragedy, and P. Lebrun [10] brought out in France a French version thereof Mary queen of Scots.

Act ii. Mary, the Maid of the Inn , the delight and sunshine of the parish, about to be married to Richard, an idle, worthless fellow. One autumn night, two guests were drinking at the inn, and one remarked he should not much like to go to the abbey on such a night.

Mary went, and, hearing footsteps, stepped into a place of concealment, when presently passed her two young men carrying a young woman they had just murdered.

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Her senses gave way, and she became a confirmed maniac for life. Southey, Mary, the Maid of the Inn from Dr. Mary Pyncheon. See Pyncheon. Next day, however, it was taken out and interred with much ceremony and pomp. Caraffa had chosen the same subject for an opera previously. Mascarille 3 syl. By this means the girls are taught a most useful lesson, and are saved from any serious ill consequences. Maskwell pretends friendship for Mellefont merely to throw dust in his eyes respecting his designs to carry off Cynthia, to whom Mellefont is betrothed.

Congreve, The Double Dealer The account given by Edward Winslow of the illness of Massasowat—the friendly Indian chief whose alliance with the pilgrim father ceased only with his life—is a curious contribution to colonial literature. Mason William.


Fraser, Ron Former Miami coach dubbed "the wizard of college baseball" Forster, Margaret English novelist whose 'Georgy Girl' spawned hit film, song Caesar, Sid Comic genius of s television Crash Victims, Philly Amtrak Eight dead after train derailed Malcolm David Kelley child. Buy options.

The medallion to this poet in Westminster Abbey was by Bacon. Mason Lady. She forges a will purporting to be by her husband, securing his estate to herself and her son.

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Nobody suspects the fraud for years. When inquiry arises, Lady Mason is engaged to a gallant old baronet who will not credit her guilt until, conscience-smitten, she throws herself at his feet and acknowledges all. Lucius Mason. The priggish, good-looking youth for whom Lady Mason risks so much.

When he learns the truth he is stern in his judgment of the unhappy woman. I beseech you, Mr. Master The Old. Master Leonard , grand-master of the nocturnal orgies of the demons. He presided at these meetings in the form of a three-horned goat with a black human face.

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Such mistress, such Nan; Such master, such man. Tusser, xxxviii.

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Such master, such man; and such mistress, such maid; Such husband and huswife; such houses arraid. Master Matthew , a town gull. Master Stephen , a country gull of [12] melancholy humor. See Master Matthew. Master of Sentences , Pierre Lombard, author of a book called Sentences Masters Doctor , physician to Queen Elizabeth. Mat Mizen , mate of H. The type of a daring, reckless, dare-devil English sailor. Somewhat too bold and hasty; one that may raise good contributions on the public if he does not cut himself short by murder. Matabrune 3 syl. Jedediah Buxton, of Elmeton, in Derbyshire.

Zerah Colburn, of Vermont, U.

The duke of Gloucester set him to multiply five figures by three, and he gave the answer instantly. He would extract the cube root of nine figures in a few seconds Vito Mangiamele, son of a Sicilian shepherd. In MM. Arago, Lacroix, Libri, and Sturm examined the boy, then 11 years old, and in half a minute he told them the cube root of seven figures, and in three seconds of nine figures Mathilde 2 syl.

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Mathilde 3 syl. After the death of Gessler she married the bold Swiss. Mathis , a German miller, greatly in debt. He then paid his debts, greatly prospered, and became a highly respected burgomaster. On the wedding night of his only child, Annette, he died of apoplexy, of which he had previous warning by the constant sound of sledge-bells in his ears. In his dream he supposed himself put into a mesmeric sleep [13] in open court, when he confessed everything, and was executed.

Ware, The Polish Jew. Irving to public notice. When the villains entered the banquet-hall to arrest their dupe, they all perished in the flames of the burning palace. She plans to poison her lord, a plot discovered and thwarted by him. Matilda , sister of Rollo and Otto, dukes of Normandy, and daughter of Sophia.

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Matilda , daughter of Rokeby, and niece of Mortham. Scott, Rokeby Matsys Quintin , a blacksmith of Antwerp. He fell in love with Liza, the daughter of Johann Mandyn, the artist. The father declared that none but an artist should have her to wife; so Matsys relinquished his trade, and devoted himself to painting. After a while, he went into the studio of Mandyn to see his picture of the fallen angel; and on the outstretehed leg of one of the figures painted a bee.

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This was so life-like, that when the old man returned, he proceeded to frighten it off with his handkerchief. When he discovered the deception, and found out it was done by Matsys, he was so delighted that he at once gave Liza to him for wife. Matthew Merrygreek , the servant of Ralph Roister Doister. He is the father of Mrs.

Witherington, wife of General Witherington. Matthias de Silva Don , a Spanish beau. Mattie , maid servant of Bailie Nicol Jarvie, and afterwards his wife. Maud Muller , pretty, shy haymaker, [14] of whom the judge, passing by, craves a cup of water. He falls in love with the rustic maiden, but dare not wed her. She, too, recollects him with tenderness, dreaming vainly of what might have been her different lot.

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Whittier, Maud Muller. Judge Jenkins. Maude , 1 syl.