How To Get Over Your High-School Boyfriend (Conquer Relationship Jealousy)

How to Avoid Being the Jealous Girlfriend
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If anyone knows any good self-talk to give myself, I sure would appreciate it. Is it really the phone as an object that you are jealous of, or what it represents, ie. Does your daughter getting this new phone make you feel old or less popular? Do you miss the attention that the phone is giving her, especially as she has a new boyfriend? I understand where you are coming from.

Jen, I hope things have settled down for you with your daughter. Also, it is illogical that the boyfriend can afford a brand new phone, and not an apartment. This is probably not the case, and I hope it is not. I hope you have got a handle on your jealousy. It really sucks. I am 17 and my boyfriend is 9 years older.

I am very mature for my age. They live together on their own.

They immigrated here 5 years ago. At the beggining I was jelous because she is his younger sister that he looks after and loves and I am just a girl he has sex with. I felt very insecure about my age as well because all of his friends are older and he was embarassed when I was still I also have very low self esteem due to events in childhood.

Suddenly I became jelous of his sister.

How To Stop Being Jealous In A Relationship - You'll Be Surprised

She was older, shorter height than me my boyfriend said he likes short girls ,has bigger breas, she lived with my boyfriend, studies in university etc. I realised that i am getting jelous for insignificant and minor things. But it has been half a year that this is bothering me so much that I think about it everyday. For example I always wanted to be taller and now I am jelous she is shorter or jelous that she is older or going to university. I will be older eventually and I am going to university next year. So it really doesnt make sense why I feel this way but I need to over come this jelousy and to feel more comfortable with myself.

If anyone can help, it will be much appreciated. Article was really useful but some more individual advice would be nice too. I believe that you should try and assess if your boyfriend is contributing to making you jealous. For eg, my boyfriend has many female friends who are close to him.

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I am jealous of my husbands co-worker who is a woman. They spent a lot of time together at work due to work reasons,. What can I do? If they joke around, or go out with other co-workers it is torture for me.

How to eliminate all your insecurities in one go

Please help. However, I feel she inserts herself in our lives. He met me and we were married within 6 months. We both understand the fear of the loss dynamic, but he is far more secure about it after all these years than I am. He, however, is a popular guy, with a lot of great friends, and many of them are women, [and even some ex-girlfriends]. But this business partner is the one that freaks me out the most.

They are very supportive]. Talking openly with my husband has been great, but there is always that voice that says he is just being nice. He has not lost his cool about this, but we talk through the night so he does loose sleep. And we are happy otherwise. Idk my issue with jealousy. I love this chick to death to the point where im affraid of her ditchin me but i always seem to be second best n i cry over this shit and ruin everything we have and it drives me insane…. If she is with you, then you have her, enjoy the time with her, dwell on the positive.

Love will win…. I am jealous that my coworker is showing more interest in my other coworker than me. It irritates me that the feelings are even happening. I realized after reading this article that I do punish him when he pays more attention to her than me. He has a lot of friends, some in his 8 grade and some in the 7th grade.

So no big deal until we have track practices for school. Me and him head out of the class to the grass and this 7th grade girl ALWAYS seems to want to talk to him or be near him. So I try to ignore it. As the weeks go by, he seems different around her. He always brings her up in our text messages, like oh you should be friends with her and so on. So a day or 2 go by and she adds me on Snapchat and I think oh cool a new friend.

Then I noticed he got offline when the other girl got offline and this happened like 5times in the same day. So then I try not to think about it, so I go on Instagram, he has just added the same 7th grade girl who I am jealous of and likes all of her stuff. I just need to know how to overcome jealousy. Thanks to whoever took their time reading this and maybe you can reply and tell me what I should do with my situation. Me and my ex split around a year ago, recently he told me that he was seeing someone.

We see each other every now and then and are still contact. I want him in my life and I want to stay in contact. My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years and it has been wonderful. Well a few days ago his sister announced shes engaged and the wedding is in 2 months. They have been together about a year and are getting hitched.

In the past year my thoughts on marriage have changed and I would love to marry my boyfriend but unfortunately we cannot do that because his parents forbid it from ever happening again. How do I get over this jealous feeling towards his sister and his family??? I am in love with a guy. I have known him for almost 2 years and he also knows i am in love with him. But he is treating me in a special way, in a way one would treat a love interest.

About half a year ago, he met a girl and i even saw him try to be a little flirtish with her.