Puppy Training 101

Positive reinforcement. Relationship building. Fun times.
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Lucas was so patient with Frank - both him and Emilee know so much about dogs and you can tell they want their clients to be happy and satisfied no matter what. For your safety and they safety of our dogs on their rehabilitation journey, our facility is closed to the public. Professional Dog Training Fargo Moorhead. Trainer Referrals.

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Potty Training

Smart K9 Training. If you're going to train, train smart. Testimonials Presley: When we sent Presley to Smart K9, we were expecting a more obedient dog and that was about it; however, what we got was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much, -Seelig family. Zeke: Smart K9 training changed our lives. Read More. But you have to get through the hard stuff first. Luckily, that stuff can be made easier with some patience and the following Puppy step-by-step guide, which will help you to deal with several of the most common puppy issues and point you to our articles that deal with them in-depth.

The first thing you should do upon getting a puppy or any pet is take them to the vet for a thorough examination, proper vaccinations , de-worming , information on their nutritional needs , and specific health instructions.

Group Dog Training Classes

Once you know your pup is healthy, then you can get started on everything else. Establishing a daily schedule for your new puppy is essential to having a well-behaved, balanced dog. This article will help you set up a regular routine for your pup. Housebreaking a dog is one of the most important things you will teach him. It requires consistency, but soon enough your puppy will learn when and where to eliminate. This article will help you understand the stages of puppy growth and what to expect at each stage.

A new puppy needs a bunch of new things!

Make sure you have these must-have products ready for your puppy. Crate training can be a great way to get your pup started on potty training, and to make sure she understands the house rules. Training your puppy to be obedient and to listen to your commands is necessary if you want to have control over him. Check out this article on how to get started.

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Pick an AAFCO approved puppy food and training treats. Adult dog foods are formulated differently, so make sure the food you choose is. Are you ready to start training your dog or puppy? Proper training and socialization are among your dog's basic needs. It's important to start.

Puppies can be known for chewing up your favorite pair of shoes or even the legs of a table. By identifying why your puppy is chewing , though, you can work to eliminate this behavior. Feeding puppies is important. You want them to be strong and healthy, but there are also so many questions.

Bringing Home a Puppy

Name: Champ Solution: Begin by training two out of four basic skills - to sit, and to stay. Your new puppy becomes a new presense in your home that cannot be ignored. However, there are also some cons — especially for a puppy. Between house training and behavior training, a new puppy is a lot like a full-time job. Try to think how you can make the arrangement convenient for them, like bringing your puppy and its necessities to their house before work. For training and practice, they may consist of poles, and may use training guide wires that direct the dog in and out of each pole on the correct side. The truth is that training your dog is a very big project.

When should you feed them? How many times a day? What should they be eating?

Dog Training 101 - Ep. 1: How to Get Started with Training

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Show your dog who is boss. Talk loudly and sternly. Use clickers. Use your hands. Reward with treats. Never use treats.

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We love our dogs and we want to do right by them. Good training is enriching, mentally stimulating, and gives them a sense of control over their environment. But how do we know which training path to take when there is so much conflicting advice?