Secrets from the White House Kitchens

Author dishes out White House recipes and tart anecdotes
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This new volume will, like the first, include commentary and illustrations of Chef Mesnier's most splendid desserts. But, for the first time, he reveals the secrets of mold making and sugar work and shares recipes, all adapted for home kitchens. Of special interest are descriptions and illustrations of the dozens of molds now in the chef's collection.

This Is What The President Eats

If there was no handy mold for, say, a Viking ship for a dessert for the king of Norway, or a carriage for the queen of England, the chef made one. His hand-tooled molds of wood, metal, and cardboard, as well as "found objects" that can serve as molds, will be inspiration for innovative amateurs. With "Creating a Sweet World of White House Desserts," Roland Mesnier and his assistant Mark Ramsdell help make professional desserts possible for cooks of all abilities and offer insights into the concerns and accomplishments of the White House pastry kitchen.

Invite them to your convention, show or celebration today! Which President enjoyed cold catsup on his lumpy cottage cheese?

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How come President Lincoln spent more time at another tavern eating - than the one he owned? Is it true the first lady was screaming at the top of her lungs at Camp David with Secret Service flooding the house bearing machine guns and rocket launchers?

Which President punched a waiter in the face at the White House and broke his jaw? Is it true the Chefs have burned food and ruined it by accident and then what do you do? Why would President Jefferson rip-off and then hide rice sewn into the lining of his coat while in Italy violating international law and destroying a top countries market?

Watch them now on numerous shows worldwide and in several languages! United States Copyright Office 1?

Workout Room

Follow him to waiting patiently for new House of Cards episodes at Dannosphere. Clinton had about 50 or 60 different hot sauces that she liked to use, and Mrs. That's right, the South Lawn is home to a dedicated beehive to cultivate honey for use in the White House kitchens. Chef and restaurateur John F. The White House kitchen is able to serve dinner to as many as guests. This place with an international touch has a great bar on the left side of the reception desk and you can even park your car if needed. Showing

Chef Marti's global agent is Mr. His show Director is Mr. Orlando Herrera.

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SECRETS from the WHITE HOUSE KITCHENS [John R. Hanny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What Would it be Like to Dine at the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John R. Hanny is a well-known figure on the international Secrets from the White House Kitchens by [Hanny, John R].

These are all of the items that seated tribunals require, that boards require for the presentation of "this guest speaker" and "this keynote speaker. The one-page biography on Chef Marti for his introduction on stage approved and required from Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau.

The President's Front and Back Yards

What is the sequence of events in hosting a stage show and who does what? Detailed life history across three continents and in the military. Below is more information on the history of the kitchens in the White House, State Dinners and wines served to the Presidents and their guests throughout history. He's a vegetarian you know. This is good for TV series or films.

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Please consult our Cookie Notice for more information. He is a member of the Academie Culinaire de France and the recipient of many awards and accolades which include: the French Legion of Honor in — the highest honor bestowed on a French citizen; that same year he was inducted into the Chocolate and Pastry Hall of Fame in New York.

Inside the Presidents' Cabinet on TV & Stage, & as Keynote Speakers

Our weekly e-newsletter keeps you up to date on our full schedule of author events, the books we're into, and the literary beat around town. View our list of A Cappella's 30 titles and other bookseller favorites on the Our Staff page. About the Book In this memoir, Roland Mesnier, pastry chef to five presidents, recalls the stunning desserts he created for White House State Dinners, formal events, and family celebrations.

About the Author Chef Roland Mesnier has won 18 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze for his pastry creations in competitions around the world. Contact Us Reach Out.

Secrets from the White House Kitchens