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My kind of heroes, my kind of demons, my kind of steam. The Price sisters have created my kind of fantasy. Please note: This is going to be an active chat and Lurkers will not be eligible for prizes. Wednesday, November 22, Two amazing reviews and updates! We got some fantastic reviews today from the wonderful ladies at Kwips and Kritiques! Blood on the harvest moon And this is what Anne has to say about it: Stella and Audra Price have outdone themselves with this phenomenal tale!

The first person perspective enhances the ominous atmosphere while building up to the startling but ever-so-appropriate ending. For Surrender in Moonlight: 4. Review by Anne: Stella and Audra continue to push the boundaries with each new book they write and this book is no exception.

However, readers looking for an edgy but sexy book will enjoy Surrender In Moonlight. Kudos to Stella and Audra Price for their daring approach to the shape shifter genre! What a great way to start a otherwise dreary wensday. So what have we been up to?

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We havent been blogging? Well We are slowly getting ready for the Sugar and Sin bash this saturday. The excerpts we have been putting out have gotten some great responses too so im hopeing people will pick it up, its really some of our best work. What else? I have been getting promo together for days now, as well as press releases and setting up the Rites of Romance Reviews site with Ash Arceneaux for the launch this friday.

I know we are SOOO busy right? Not to mention the writing. We have gotten another 2k on Lady luck, and did 5.

So anyway, off to promo and write, this book is like the first Fallen book, its just flowing Monday, November 13, Whats been going on with us Sugar and Sin will be out. Audra and i have a huge celebration planned for fans and people who are going to become fans. Prizes, excerpts and Lots of goodies are abound the full day and I cant wait for it.

So If you wanna win, you gotta come and hangout with us.

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There's a problem loading this menu right now. Destiny 2 is a very popular online multiplayer game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. We're dorks. Rae Monet designed the cover for Enemy of the King Laura. Witch hunts.

Well have excerpts from Sugar and Sin, as well as Silk and Steel, and be giving out some privlidged information. Shes in pretty good company with A vampire, a Dreamlord and a few other surprises Go and say hi, and read up on everything going on at the castle Saturday, November 11, Rising Stars! Needless to say we are quite honored and we are excited to be the second authors to win such a prestigious title.

Friday, November 10, Congratulations! Well congrats to Ladyvampire2u! She won this fun little contest!

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She will be recieveing a cool pewter bookmark, a notepad, pen, and some other goodies so congrats! Email me at stella stellaandaudra. Tuesday, October 31, Surender in Moonlight So with the impending release of Surender in Moonlight , Audra and I are giving away a pewter snake bookmark. So what do you have to do to win it along with some other goodies? Post here in a comment. Just answer a question, opinion of course, and your entered. Simple eh? So you want the question dont you?

Easy enough How do you feel about the Shifter world being given an overhaul?

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I mean, with all the new types of weres coming out, do you feel they all work, or do you feel that its writers trying to hard to do something different? How do you feel about Reptile shifters in general? Theres a sliht buzz around that its the next big thing Lizards,cold blooded creatures and of course,snakes do you think the reading world is ready for that?

Well thats it. Well pick a winner at random November 10th to get a free download of Surender and the goodies! Thanks so much for entering! Monday, October 30, Ho Hum So i got some new promo materials today, and i can say im not that happy about it. Well see. So we are supposed to start work on Bitter Kiss again today Maybe im just Bitter today. I did finish the cover for Silk and Steel and for Beyond Moonlight And im just over a lot of things right now Sunday, October 29, Beyond the Vision of Dreams gets 4 angels!

So we got our review from FAR for Beyond.

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Sugar and Sin (Eververse Book 1) - Kindle edition by Stella Price, Audra Price, S.A. Price. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Sugar and Sin (A Tale Of the Eververse) [Stella and Audra Price] on Start reading Sugar and Sin (Eververse Book 1) on your Kindle in under a minute.

Beyond the Visions of Dreams is an interesting story about a unique couple. Beyond the Visions of Dreams not only has very hot sex scenes and emotions but also is well written and quite easy to read. I enjoyed following Remy and Chrissy as they build their relationship and lives together. I found Beyond the Visions of Dreams to be a wonderful short story that kept me entertained from beginning to end. You can read the rest of the review here Stella. Tuesday, October 24, Sugar edits And Bitter Kiss is going well too. We are in the high 20's with it and going strong.

Its not going as fast as the other fallen book, but its still trucking and i am happy to say no pitfalls yet. And i set up a new webby. Yep Stella finally learned how to do a website. While its very elementary, im hoping out subdomains work out better to help any fans we have of our series.. So fingers crossed. So its back to work on some Fallen, and im developing a new authors series or two for some of my publishers, so it should be a very good time once i get all the kinks worked out.

Looking forward to seeing some In houses at a few of them.

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Not to mention the crazy series Skylar and I are working on Thursday, October 19, NEW! So as you can see i have uploaded a new template for the bloggy. I like it. I love it actually. I have uploaded a new webby and myspace too to match. Yeah I'm excited. October is going well. So we have about 25k on the second fallen book, currently titled A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, and i am enjoying it. Heres to hoping the series pans out.