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In the game story, you are a young wizard or a witch who lives inside a huge magical castle with others. As you meet different characters and discover new places you soon learn that something very dark is happening. A lot of young wizards and witches have recently gone missing and nobody knows where!

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Your adventure takes exciting turns as you find out what has happened and as you try to stop the evil forces that are rising from the depths of Grim Mountains. Start your adventure in the magical world now! Night Mode.

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Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. As my little workhorse had elite small type, a New York agent told this year-old to get a machine with pica large type.


I chose the big, standard Royal like the one Billy Wilder and Izzy Diamond recommended, with perfect type for scripts. Many years and many thousands letters and memos after, I traded in for an IBM Wheelwriter that cost a grand. Ultra-hot and desirable.

With a commission to write a novel, I decided I would do it on an authentic collectible. None of them did the trick.

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I lucked into a mint Hermes and changed the ribbon. No magic there. Sometime in the early '60s, I interviewed Lenny Bruce.

His agent wrote me, and I was mesmerized by the font from his typewriter. What on earth was that machine? I learned that Remington had also made such a machine, "the Statesman.

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The search continues.