The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Online Fundraising (Paypal Press)

The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Online Fundraising
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It also enables giving to any charity registered in the United States at www. Network for Good processes payments for thousands of nonprofit organizations. Public school teachers post requests, and individuals can give directly to the ones that inspire them.

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To date, , public and charter school teachers have used DonorsChoose. Fees: Shipping, fulfillment cost, and credit-card processing are added to the project cost. An optional 15 percent donation to DonorsChoose. FirstGiving empowers individuals to raise money online for thousands of causes and helps c 3 nonprofit organizations plan, execute, and measure successful online fundraising campaigns.

FirstGiving provides tools for charity fundraising events and grassroots fundraising campaigns and securely processes online donations. Fundly is a social fundraising platform for individuals and organizations raising funds for nonprofits, charities, politics, schools, clubs, teams, groups, and others. It is designed to make it easy to fundraise via websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Supporters can reach out to their connections with branded tools, including email and social networking.

Fees: 4. The platform provides an iPhone app, mobile-optimized website, Facebook and Twitter sharing, widgets, and a traditional website. Causes can be institutional, organizational, educational, political, personal, or faith-based. FundRazr is a social fundraising app for individuals, groups, nonprofits, and political causes.

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However, Clarium faltered in with a 7. Then, all of a sudden they limited my account. Honestly lost faith in humanity this week. See also businesses; FundRazr; merchant accounts accepting FundRazr donations, avoiding lost payments, BigCanvass campaign contributions to, , donation transaction tools, making PayPal payments to, receipts for contributions, simplifying work with PayPal, social media strategies for, , tracking donations for, using WhatGives!? Crowdrise combines online fundraising, crowdsourcing, social networking, contests, and more.

FundRazr includes the ability to share through Facebook, social networks, email contacts, and websites or blogs to promote and collect money for causes. Nonprofit organizations can create custom campaigns, wish lists, grassroots fundraisers, and events online, expand donor outreach via social networking Facebook and Twitter and Internet marketing, and increase funds raised. To promote a campaign online, you can create custom landing pages and embeddable widgets to allow supporters and donors to help you spread the word by embedding them on their own pages.

GoFundMe is a do-it-yourself online fundraising service with easy-to-use donation websites for weddings, graduations, accidents, illnesses, nonprofits, and charities. Fees: For PayPal, 5 percent transaction fee plus processing fee of 2. Using either Twitter or Facebook, donors make a monetary pledge to their favorite cause, giving with each action they take on their preferred social network over 30 days. For example, a donor can pledge 10 cents per tweet or Facebook update. Indiegogo was launched in to provide any idea creative, cause, or entrepreneurial with the tools and process to raise money and offer perks.

Social media integration, direct email, and announcement features make it easy to spread the word, raise awareness, and increase funding.

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Fees: 4 percent fee if a funding goal is met; 9 percent if not; credit card fees are approximately 3 percent. Which, I suppose, means that Im just social enough that I can talk to people without their eyes glazing over in a wash of conversation about mobile phone platforms, Linux kernel headers, and the intricacies of display drivers. I credit her, along with three fabulous daughters, for keeping my nerd aura down to a minimum, by showing me that theres more to life than circuit boards. Knowing that lets me broaden my horizons and enables me to write books like this.

The teams at PayPal Press and Peachpit get a big helping of thanks for providing their time and insights into producing this book. Finally, my editor Marta Justak gets my highest praise for her professionalism and expertise. She makes my words better, and makes book writing more of a joy than a chore. PayPal Press Acknowledgements We applaud PayPal Product Managers Tanya Urschel and Keith Koenig, whose great subject-matter expertise was matched only by their dedication; Janet Ball, our Marketing Manager, whose thorough knowledge of social media provided invaluable research; PayPal Press Managing Editor Matt Jones, whose expert content strategy ensured top editorial quality; Production Editors Raji Nayak and Karen Richards, whose diligent teamwork mastered our ambitious schedule; and John Heisch, our Illustrator, whose astute artwork enhanced the value of this book.

Foreword Shopping has always been an inherently social endeavorwhether its serendipitously finding a great deal at a local boutique or going on a mission with a close friend to find the perfect accessory for a big event. Human interactions and shared experiences are a vital part of the appeal of shopping. And its no surprise that today these same experiences have moved online, thanks in part to the rise of social media. The explosion of consumer interest and participation in social networks has naturally and quickly moved into social commerce. Whats more, analysts predict that by , companies will generate 50 percent of Web sales via their social presence and mobile applications.

PayPal thrives at the heart of this emerging social commerce era. Our mission is to define the future of shopping and paying, allowing anyone to pay anytime and anywhere. And were doing this by making paying more social. Already, you can find PayPal in numerous group buying and group gifting apps, powering social shopping malls on the most popular social networks, and on millions of mobile devices that share shopping experiences, local deals, and more.

Ever-more retailers are experimenting with new ways to utilize social media to connect with customers and drive sales.

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At PayPal, our core social media tenets include listening, participating, and adding value. After all, at its core, social media is about building deeper connections with people. Were committed to helping our customers seize the social commerce opportunity. This area will see significant innovation in the coming years, and PayPal will be a driving force.

Contents Foreword. Learning How PayPal Works. The PayPal Tool.

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This PayPal Press book offers practical fundraising money management ideas drawn directly from those with first-hand experiences and insights in the NPO field. The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Online Fundraising (Paypal Press) [Jon Ann Lindsey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nonprofits and.

Getting the Lay of the Land. And The Rest. The Whys of Strategy. First Things First. Transforming Social Relationships into Customers. Reading Minds. Sharing with Rich Media. Organic Content. Set Your Strategy. Research Your Audience. Join Conversations. Find the Right Tools. Create Relevant Content. Use Rich Media. Listen to Customers. Build Community. Collaborate with Your Audience. Measure Your Results. Introduction Social media is not new. Human community and conversation have been hallmarks of civilization for thousands of years. Throughout history, when differing groups families, tribes, or other units of people would meet, shared commerce would often be the basis of their communication.

What did one group have that the other needed? What would be accepted for trade? This is how social communication has worked over time among many cultures. Some cultures may not have liked each other, but they would often find a way to talk and trade, despite their differences.

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In fact, trade often became the reason for communication, as trading tribes became communities that ultimately expanded and grew into our present society. In Western cultures today, however, the need for face-to-face communication has faded somewhat. The advent of the telephone and the automobile redefined the nature of communities. But while modern ways may have changed the structure of the community, we have not done away with our need to be together. After all, we still love to socialize.

We see this now in the popularity of new social media, as technology enables us to connect to each other and form social groups not based on material survival alone but on other, more personalized interests. Todays technologies allow communities to form as instant networks of people who discover they have much in common to share. Parents exchange child-rearing tips through like-minded community websites.

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Doctors conduct combined researchin real timewith peers linked at other labs. Teachers run virtual classrooms with children across the globe. We are still tradingonly now the common currency is information. For PayPal, which helps facilitate faster, easier, safer commerce online, social media is yet another opportunity to assist its customers.

Organizations today have exciting new ways to share profitable opportunities through social media and viral marketing. PayPal recognizes this, and helps serve merchants who are eager to fully utilize social media to grow their businesses. How to navigate the social media landscape The best way to plan and implement a social media branding strategy How to create content for social media networks How PayPal tools provide an effective ecommerce solution that works with your social media strategy This book will help retailers understand the basics of social media and how to engage and prosper in conversations with their customers.

The social media landscape has grown far beyond sites like Facebook and MySpace. All sorts of social sites and mobile apps are available to enable communication through words, images, and videos.

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While nearly all social media outlets encourage connections through some kind of interaction, the content of that communicationthe currency, if you willcan change, depending on what service you are using. Before exploring how to capitalize on social media for your business, its best to familiarize yourself with the social media landscape. The key thing to do when looking around the social media landscape is to listen.