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Sealed in Skin Side B 1.

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Time Bastard attempts to repair this. It stemmed from two observable events in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross (not to mention the absence of player character. "Time Is Money (Bastard)" is a song by American experimental rock band Swans. It was released as a inch single in , through record label K

Time Is Money Bastard Mix The 'mix' version of this song can also be found here, with an extended length and some alterations, including the lack of Jarboe's caterwauls. It actually bugs me that some versions of their early songs on their original releases are so hard to come by these days, with the reissues changing certain things up and omitting a couple of tunes. The other track, "Sealed In Skin", is more of a slow ominous dirge, in which Gira uses a deep low voice, which was actually rather novel at the time.

Even more notable was the strong presence of a piano carrying the tune along with the drums, in which this was apparently the first time a piano was used in their music.

It's an interesting release in that it bridges the changes the band was undergoing while still possessing plenty of harrowing characteristics, particularly the original rendition of the title track. Certainly something to check out for those interested into digging into the band's 80's material. The 2nd track is called "Sealed in Skin".

This one is much slower, pretty much the same slow plodding beat that they were known for on previous recordings, but this time, the wall of noise is not there. Gira's vocals are all in a low register, almost grumbling, and the music is dark and disturbing, but not sludgy like before. Even though this is more similar to their earlier music, it is also an indication that those noise rock days are done.

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This is also the first time piano was used in Swans music. The last track is an alternate mix of "Time is Money Bastard ". It is a also a longer version at just over 7 minutes. This is where Jerboe makes her debut with the Swans making the screaming noises heard throughout the track.

Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)

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